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Cardinal believes that every woman is beautiful. we also recognise that your skin may require some assistance in allowing your inner beauty to shine.As a result we created a line of ground breaking skincare products that combine the power of technology with the purity of nature to help you battle the signs of going and maintain your youthful appearance. We wanted to be sure our goods would work in any situation , so we created them and tested them on real women in one of the worlds hardest environments - INDIA. We want you to know that you are stunning on the inside and out !​


Starting from a quaint Salon in New York we have come a long way in establishing ourself in India as an affordable skincare label. ​Developing specialised range of products using active ingredients and proudly claiming to be Toxin-free , Vegan and Cruelty Free. We aim at making our products sustainable and environment friendly by keeping track of our product cycle and reducing waste as much as we can. Every woman deserves to be the best version of themselves and we help them do it.


In the ever-changing world of defining beauty and rediscovering youthfulness is to counter the signs of aging from the inside out by defying the limits of ordinary skincare. Our luxurious creams, serums ,treatments and entire skincare line will give you amazing results in minutes.The worlds most perceptive women have made this commitment to providing exceptional skincare treatment of their choice. We welcome you to enjoy our promise of beauty on the inside and outside.

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